Cab booking system Overview

Hiring taxi has been a biggest task for many since it may not be available
on time. Manual method of hiring taxi has lots of disadvantages.
First of all, we may not know when the taxi will arrive. Secondly, the fare may be
unsure depending on the driver. Thirdly, if we are in unknown places then we
might not know the distance and right fare.
On Demand Cab Booking Application’ complete Solution consists of a Passenger App, Driver App & Admin Dashboard.
Admin Dashboard is a web based panel where you can manage and monitor the complete activity of app Users.

Business challenges
  • Lack of Productivity
Through an extinct taxi booking business, you cannot have a clear idea about what your drivers are up to. You cannot measure the efficiency and productivity of the drivers. So, there are chances that the business suffers from under-utilized resources. Eventually, it affects negatively on the ROI.
  • Manual Processes In Place
Taxi booking via phone calls is a manual process that requires staff to maintain back-end processes. Here, you may stuck with the effective resource planning. On the other hand, adopting latest mobile technologies, the contestants constantly move ahead to win the competition. If you ignore the importance of technology advancements, you will not survive in the race for a long time.
  • Adoption of Obsolete Taxi Booking Technique
Today we have tech-savvy customers who don’t like to book a taxi by making calls. Secondarily, they are not sure about the kind of service you are delivering. The passenger makes a call, then you confirm the booking and there goes your cab. The entire process takes a few minutes to book a cab. Why will customer take the pain to wait till long when they can hire a taxi in a few seconds? This way you can keep losing the passengers every time.
Features in cab booking system

  • On-demand booking
  • Billing
  • Feedback
  • Automated e-receipts
  • Scheduled bookings
  • Edit Profile
  • SMS alerts
  • Vehicle tracking system (GPS)
  • Flexible payment options
  • Trip/Cab tracking
  • Automatic fare calculation
  • Rate Card
  • Android & iOS device support
  • Multi currency support
  • Flexible vehicle options
  • See estimated time of taxi arrival
  • Notification to passengers
  • Dynamic UI rendering
  • Address History
  • Multi language support
  • Email alerts