Kindaa Overview

Ensure Child safety at your finger tips by real time GPS tracking of the Bus activity on any smart phone. Kindaa helps you concentrate on more important things while assuring your child safety.

  • Why choose kindaa?
Waiting for the School Bus each day to show up for your Child's pickup
can be annoying and stressfull.
  • Worried about your Child's Pickup and Drop from School?
    No idea when your son/daughter reached school or back home?
"Kindaa" makes school transport system more secure and reliable,
Ensuring child safety by providing realtime updates about their travel
activity to parents and loved ones.

Business challenges
  • Live Tracking?
Earlier there were school buses which were just the means for transportation. At those times parents were unaware about the location of their children while their children use to travel. Also, sometimes, because of the network issues, it became hard to contact parents. Now that the buses have become smart buses with the help of technology, it has become easy for the parents to track where their children are?
  • Waiting time on stop
As people now a days are short on time, the waiting time on the bus stop for the pick-up and the drop children has become an obstacle in the busy lives of parents. Also, parents had no idea where the current location of their children is?
  • Emergency alert
The parents are concerned and they have immense care for their children, but in the emergency cases, earlier it became difficult for the parents to track their children.
For example: When the arrival time of the school bus is being delayed during the pick-up time or the drop time because of the traffic jam, if the school bus is been punctured because of some technical reasons or obstacles on the way, or if unfortunately, an accident occurs, or if the school bus is arriving late
App Features

  • Real Time Tracking
Exact location of school bus with arrival time and distance.
  • Pickup and Drop Alert
Get notified about child's pickup and drop.
  • E-Alert
Alerts parents informing them on any emergency situation like Heavy traffic, Bus tyre puncture and bad weather conditions etc.
  • Affordable
Awesome features at almost NO price.
  • Send Complaints
File a complaint related to Transport Service, Bus condition, Bus driver to the School management and/or Transport Administrator.
  • Offers and Deals
Find Best offers and deals on a wide range of products for your kids.