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As per our current analysis, Indian e-learning industry today employs 18-20,000 people with annual revenue of USD 550-600 Million. The overall industry has thus grown at an approximate CAGR of 18% since 2009 (over 4 year period) when we had estimated the total industry revenue at around $315 Million. That’s a fairly decent growth rate given the Indian and global economic situation had been very fluid in this period. I can’t help but mention that G-Cube has grown at a CAGR of 38%+ in similar period – far outpacing the industry growth rate.

Indian domestic market is estimated to be around $50-55 Million (About Rs. 200-250 Cr), or about 10% of the total industry size.

What is eLearning Exactly?

Broadly, eLearning involves the use of digital media and technology to deliver learning experiences. A learning experience attempts to simulate the real-word classroom learning process. It involves assembling great content, distributing it to facilitate learning, managing the learning process and providing validations (E.g. tests, certifications). eLearning typically reaches learners through one of 4 channels: Traditional Education, Corporates, Government or Direct Consumer. In the past few years, direct consumer learning has emerged as one of the fastest growing channels. On the supply side, the industry has content providers (Authors, Institutions, etc.), service providers (Content creation, Publishing, Marketing, etc.) and technology providers (Authoring tools, Platforms, Learning Management Systems, etc.). Businesses in the eLearning space often straddle more than one bucket to deliver a seamless experience.