Blockchain Technology

This Digital World is quite fascinating, because latest technologies and digital gadgets have given the people new style of living their lives with more comfort and confidence. From massive industries to small households, every object is smarter and advanced. These latest technologies have brought advancement in people’s lives.

One of the most important technologies from today’s world is Blockchain Technology. This technology has brought a drastic change in the banking sector. Blockchain is actually the connection between Block (digital information) and chain (public database), so this technology is about storage of digital information in the public database. In this method people can get the information which is being stored in their public data basis but cannot copy it. In more easy words we can just say that Blockchain is the secured transaction ledger database among different parties. It is basically used to record the transactions from the computers of the involved parties to eliminate the chance of manipulation.

The information which is stored by the Blockchain technology cannot be changed, because it is encrypted record, so it cannot be manipulated.

“ Blockchain technology is the safest technology for doing the transactions through digital means. This technology is being used by many governments and different corporate sectors; they create the highly developed Blockchain based applications in order to surpass each other. ”

In banking and finance sector Blockchain technology holds the important position as it provides the high level of security for the protection of condense database from the hackers. When you are using this technology for your transactions, then there is no need of intermediaries in different banking and financial services. So, it can save the cost of intermediaries.

Not only banking sector, but also many other fields are taking benefits from this technology like in supply chain, it is the safest way to share your highly restricted documents without any fear and in healthcare departments it is providing ease by storing the important information of every patient and you don’t have to mess up with the bundles of files.

There is a world leading IT services company named Obstin, which is providing its efficient Blockchain technology services around the world. In these services they provide their customers different kinds of Blockchain solutions like

  • Smart Contract Development
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet development
  • Multichain Development
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Bigchain DB

Our highly efficient and skilled crew promises to provide high quality Blockchain solutions in the whole world on different Blockchain platforms. Because, we aim to provide extraordinary IT solutions according to the client’s IT related problems.

We provide various Blockchain services like maintaining records, identity management, and storage of records at different locations. We try to help our clients, so they can meet their requirements in a very safe and secure way.

Bitcoin is an example of Blockchain technology, it is actually digital currency. This innovative payment method is used for international exchange of money, for fast peer to peer transactions and their processing fee are very low. Bitcoin payment method is used by the parties who do online business or provide any kind of online services.

There are 69% banks all around the world, which are using Blockchain technology and they have saved approximately 8-12 billion dollars. Well!! That’s a whopping amount.

Blockchain technology has given the opportunity to the world to produce valuable and authentic digital information. In future this technology is going to be more useful as it will help different businesses to make smart contracts around the world and you will be able to do business globally without having any fear of fraud.