Enjoy the 3D World with the Latest Augmented Reality Technology!!...

AR technology is trending high now days because of its useful and helping features.

This technology is actually the homogenization of digital information with the user’s environment at the same time. It sounds so complex but in reality it’s so simple and easier. We can call it the reflection of reality.

This technology is used in various fields let’s take an overview of its real use cases

In medical training sessions augmented reality holds very strong position. During these trainings students use the AR Headsets, it helps them to see the internal reflection of the human body in 3D format. From this technology they can get the better understanding of anatomy. Also augmented reality is helpful in operating the MRI equipments and in very difficult surgeries.

This technology is very helpful in repair and maintenance of the complex equipments and automobile engines. With the help of AR headsets and glasses it becomes very easy to examine even the smaller parts of the automobiles. In Retail Market, this technology has done wonders by bringing ease in the lives of retailers and the shopper’s both. Now different brands have developed the AR Applications for them. For example, IKEA has developed its App and by using it you can easily buy furniture or anything else without having any issue regarding the size. You can get the visual image of your room and then you can fit in every object in it according to the size of your room.

There are many other fields which are taking benefits from this technology like business logistics, tourism industry, design and modeling and many more.

Augmented reality technology is also used in tracking, which is very helpful when you are at some unknown place and want to search your destination. You simply open the GPS on your mobile phone or laptop and put location on it and within seconds you’ll find the way to your destination. See it’s that easy.

This technology does not make the artificial environment, but it put certain features in the real environment. It actually brings some digital addition in the real environment. It has given us new ways to produce 3D models and designs.

AR system usually create the combination of real world and virtual models, it is actually very helpful for the learning purposes because it visualizes everything which makes the things easy to learn. But this technology is quite expensive; this is the reason that it is being used in limited fields like in medical sciences, military and some other highly complex applications.

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The most famous Apps of Augmented Reality are:
  • Pokémon GO
  • Google Goggles
  • Yelp: Discover Local Favorites
  • Google Translate
  • CSR Racing 2
  • IKEA Place
  • AR MeasureKit
  • Stack AR
  • Sky Map
  • Quiver – 3D Coloring App
  • INKHUNTER Try Tattoo Design
  • Arise
  • Holo
  • GIPHY World: AR GIF Stickers
  • JigSpace
Some people think that AR and VR are same technology but NO, they are totally opposite to each other. Their operations are quite different. Augmented Reality is quite time and money saving technology, but very limited organization uses this technology because it’s really expensive.

In future we’ll be able to see more development in this technology, because its demand is quite high. People love its features. This technology is actually Fun…